Lotus Flower Bomb All Purpose Cleaner

Welcome to the early return of Lotus Flower Bomb, now gracing our spring collection once again with its captivating presence. Rediscover the blissful aroma that stole hearts during our summer launch last year, now blooming anew for the spring season.

Inspired by the soulful tune by hip-hop artist Wale, Lotus Flower Bomb, is a scent that transports you to an oasis of serenity and peace. Clean with this harmonious blend of floral notes, subtly sweet with a touch of freshness, to evoke the essence of a spring garden in full bloom.

Crafted with our signature plant-based formula, Lotus Flower Bomb continues to embody our dedication to provide the gentle power of nature's cleaning solutions, sans harsh chemicals, to effortlessly clean and rejuvenate your home.

Infuse your living space with the calming energy of Lotus Flower Bomb, transforming your cleaning routine into a delightful ritual of self-care and mindfulness. Experience the magic of Lotus Flower Bomb so you can tackle your spring cleaning routines with joy. Act now as Spring Collection quantities are limited!

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