Premium Starter Pack

Our Premium Starter Pack is the perfect way to give Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner a try and still have enough left to last you for a while. 

It includes two full-sized bottles of our best-selling scents, a 2 oz bottle of each of our six unique scents, and our cleaning kit complete with a glass spray bottle, scrubber sponges, and an organizing tray for your countertop. 

  • One 16 oz bottle of Nag Champa
  • One 16 oz bottle of Frankincense & Myrrh
  • Six 2 oz bottles (one of each scent)
  • One 16 oz reusable glass spray bottle with a trigger spray top
  • Two biodegradable scrubber sponges made from coconut husks
  • One organizing tray to hold it all together

Elevate your cleaning game with Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner!