November 21, 2022 2 min read

Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner makes a great gift. Rather your giftee loves to clean or hates to clean, Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner will keep them inspired.  We've got something for everyone on your list this year.

Nag Champa

For your sensual, romantic friends who like to spend lot of time alone in their room, Nag Champa All Purpose Cleaner is an excellent choice.  It induces sleep and good dreams and is a great solution to launder your sheets with.

Frankincense & Myrrh

Frankincense & Myrrh All Purpose Cleaner is the perfect scent for your earthy, grounded, friends with boho-style ineriors. Using it to wash your floors is like saying a prayer for your home as you clean.



Your friends and family members who are cool, calm and collected under pressure deserve some Sandalwood All Purpose Cleaner in their life. Its the perfect scent to clean with before a yoga or meditation session.


Ocean Views

Have friends or family members who are visionary and creative?  If so, get them some Ocean Views All Purpose Cleaner. The only thing better than creating in clean organized spaces is creating in a clean organized space that smells like a pure ocean breeze. 


Sagilmint All Purpose Cleaner is the perfect scent for the ever positive, optimistic morning people in your life. Nothing says its time to wake up louder than sage, basil and mint.

So Phresh

For your fun and playful friends with child-like hearts, So Phresh All Purpose Cleaner is the one.  They'll feel like a kid in a candy store after cleaning with this.


Check out our entire collection of scents. Click here.


#Tip: Buy the Premium Starter Pack. Keep the full sized bottles for yourself and use the samples as stocking stuffers 😎


Who do you plan to bless with Good Vibes this year?

Ymani Efunyale
Ymani Efunyale

I created Good Vibes because my family deserved better, and so does yours 💚

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