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Your housekeeper may not do windows, but Good Vibes does!


Window cleaning can be a major endeavor, depending on the kind of windows you have and how many you have.  In this article, we are going to get into how to clean not only the windows but the blinds and the curtains too.  The tools you will need to do this the easy way is Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner, a spray bottle, a squeegee and a microfiber cloth (or an old sock).


First, undress your windows.  That's right, strip those bad boys naked…just kidding.  But do take down your curtains.  If they are washable, throw them in the washing machine with some Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner in your favorite scent (you will thank me for this later, trust).


Cleaning Window Blinds with a sock

If you have blinds, you can do this two ways.  You can take them down and clean them in the bathtub or, you can leave them up and wipe them down with a bucket of diluted Good Vibes and a microfiber cloth.  The latter is the easier way in my opinion, but whatever you do, clean the blinds before you clean the actual windows.  


Good Vibes APC makes cleaning your blinds super easy.  You know that dusty, grimy gook that seems to love to live on your venetian blinds? Yeah… it comes right off with Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner.  I was actually amazed when I discovered this. 


All you have to do is: 

  1. dip your cloth in the bucket of diluted Good Vibes
  2. ring it out so it's still wet but not dripping
  3. wrap the cloth around your hands like a puppet and
  4. use your thumb and fingers to wipe the top and bottom of each slat (can we call them slats?)


One wipe and you're done.  Trust me, I hated my blinds.  I had not touched them for seven years (don't judge me). I was just going to replace them until when I saw how clean they got by using Good Vibes.  One wipe was all it took. It was amazing! Saved me some money too. 


Now that the blinds and curtains have been washed, let's move on to the actual window.  Fortunately for us, most windows have this pull down feature that allows us to clean the outside of the window without having to hire someone to climb up and do it from outside the house. 


Someone pulling a window down to clean it


That said, the first thing you want to do here, is clean the window glass (we'll save the frame for last).  We want to clean the outside glass before the inside glass and the top window pane before the bottom window pane.  Confused enough?  Let's clean in this order: 

  1. Outside top pane
  2. Outside bottom pane
  3. Inside top pane
  4. Inside bottom pane


Someone cleaning a window with a squeegee


Follow these steps with each pane and side: 

  1. Add diluted Good Vibes to your spray bottle (add 2 tablespoons to 16 oz of water if your windows are really dirty)
  2. Spray the glass generously
  3. Use the sponge side of the squeegee or a cleaning cloth to thoroughly wash the window
  4. Use the squeegee to wipe all the soapy water off by sliding from top to bottom, left to right
  5. Repeat if necessary
  6. Move on to the next pane


Once all panes have been clean to a sparkle, use an old, dry toothbrush or cleaning brush to get the dirt out of the track.  You want to brush as much debris away as possible to make it easier for you to wipe clean.  Just brush it out of the window and send it back to where it came from.  Once you’ve gotten most of the debris up, you can clean it the fancy way or the simple way. 


The fancy way is to measure and cut a sponge to fit perfectly over the grooves of your window track.  Dip that sponge into your bucket of diluted Good Vibes and run it over the frame.  Fancy huh?


Demo of how to cut a sponge to clean window track

The simpler way to do this is to dip your cloth in the bucket and wipe the frame down with your hand.  Your choice here.  I personally use a cloth because, ain't nobody got time for that. 


The final step in window cleaning is to wipe down the frame around the window if you haven't already.  The key to doing it without smudging the windows you’ve just cleaned is to spray a small amount of diluted Good Vibes on a dry cloth and use your fingers to carefully wipe around the glass. 


That's it, that’s the class, lol. Put your blinds and/or curtains back up and enjoy the clean clear view.  Open those windows and let the air circulate the scent of Good Vibes through your space (your curtains will serve as air freshener now). 

To take it easier on yourself, clean your windows one room at a time.  Make window cleaning a part of your seasonal routine and the job will be easier every time.  


Also, if you haven't already, click here to get you some Good Vibes and change the entire vibe in your space. 


How often do you clean your windows?

Ymani Efunyale
Ymani Efunyale

I created Good Vibes because my family deserved better, and so does yours 💚

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