July 01, 2024 2 min read

Summer Cleaning Tips for a Clutter-Free Home

As the summer season rolls in and kids are home, our living spaces tend to see more activity and, inevitably, more mess. To keep your home serene and organized during these months, establishing and maintaining a summer cleaning routine can be a game-changer. Here are some practical tips to help you stay on top of household chores and enjoy a cleaner, more relaxed summer:

1. Pick Up Daily: Encourage a habit of tidying up at the end of each day. Small messes left unattended can quickly escalate into bigger ones. By taking a few minutes each evening to tidy communal spaces and have children put away their toys, you prevent clutter from accumulating.

2. Cook Outdoors: Summer is the perfect time to fire up the grill or cook meals outdoors. This not only reduces kitchen mess but also adds a fun element to family meals. Less cooking indoors means less cleanup and more time to enjoy the outdoors.

3. Efficient Dish Care: Load the dishwasher or handwash dishes in the evening and allow them to air dry overnight. In the morning, put away clean dishes to start the day with a tidy kitchen. Consider using biodegradable disposable dinnerware for casual meals to reduce the number of dishes needing washing.

4. Establish Morning and Evening Routines: Start and end your days with quick cleaning routines. In the evening, wash dishes and put them away to wake up to a clean kitchen. Encourage family members to wipe bathroom sinks and countertops clean before bedtime. In the morning, make beds and tidy bedrooms to start the day fresh.

5. Delegate Tasks: Involve everyone in the household in maintaining a clean environment. Assign age-appropriate tasks to children, like picking up their toys and belongings before bed. This not only teaches responsibility but also contributes to a cleaner home environment.

6. Use Multi-Purpose Cleaners: Simplify your cleaning arsenal with versatile products like Good Vibes All-Purpose Cleaner. With refreshing scents like Nag Champa or Sandalwood, it not only cleans effectively but also uplifts the atmosphere of your home, making cleaning a more enjoyable experience.

7. Declutter Regularly: Take advantage of summer breaks to declutter and organize. Sort through closets, storage areas, and play spaces to donate items no longer used. Less clutter means less to clean and more space to relax and enjoy summer activities.

8. Embrace Outdoor Living: Maximize outdoor living spaces by creating inviting areas for relaxation and play. Encourage outdoor activities that keep indoor mess to a minimum, such as setting up a designated area for crafts or messy play.

By incorporating these summer cleaning tips into your daily routine, you can maintain a tidy and inviting home throughout the season. Enjoy the long days and cool evenings of summer without feeling overwhelmed by clutter and mess. Happy summer cleaning!


Share your best practices for keeping your home clean during the summer season with the Good Vibes Tribe in the comments below!

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