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When it's not organized, cleaning can be drudgery.  You see the piles piling up. You know you need to tackle them. You can't find the time. The piles pile even hire.  Cleaning takes even longer. You finally clean it all up. The piles are back in a week. 😡  The reason you suffer is because you don't follow regular cleaning routines. You either try to clean it in one day (like, the whole house), or you try to implement routines but you don't stick to them consistently and the piles come back.  You need a routine sister (brothers too).


Having cleaning routines mean you will be cleaning a certain area of your home, at the same time, on a regular basis.  This is how we form habits that help us maintain our sanity by keeping us organized and our homes orderly.  Cleaning routines ensure that everything gets put back in its place everyday.  Cleaning routines help keep dishes from piling up in the sink and the mail from piling up in the entryway.  Routines help keep the dishwasher empty.  They help keep the clothes clean, folded and put away.  They keep our surfaces clean and clear, they help make our homes more peaceful. They also train our loved ones to notice when things are out of place.  Cleaning routines maintain order and they make your job so much easier.


Unlike many cleaning gurus on the internet, I won't suggest a rigid schedule for you to follow.  Instead, I will provide you with general guidelines so that you can tailor your cleaning routines to work for you.  Once implemented and maintained, you should only need to spend 15-30 minutes in the morning and 15-30 minutes at night cleaning up.  Other things, like folding laundry, can be done while you watch your favorites shows on Netflix or Hulu (Just try not to get stuck binge watching. Pause it and go put your clothes away).  Cleaning routines help us enjoy our homes again.


Classroom full of raised hands 


"So how do I implement these new cleaning routines", you say. 

Follow these guidelines.




Now, this list is not exhaustive. It can and should be tailored to your unique needs.  For example, if your trash pick up day falls on a Thursday, you could make Wednesday Kitchen Day so that you can throw the old food away without it stinking up your kitchen.  Or, if you have a lot of people in your home and trash is constantly piling up, you could make taking out all of the trash part of your evening routine. Make this work for you. Then put it on your calendar and set a reminder 15 minutes before. Create boundaries around your cleaning days and times so you don't make other commitments.  If something does come up, simply reschedule your cleaning time. Making your space look peaceful and serene should be a top priority to you. A clean space equals a clear mind with room to think and expand because you don't have to be distracted by the mess in front of you.  Make your cleaning routine part of your self care ritual.


Good Vibes Weekly Cleaning Schedule

If you love this cleaning schedule and would like to tailor it to fit your needs, Click here for the Canva Template.


Make your cleaning routines even easier with Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner.  Good Vibes is a plant-based multi-surface cleaning product that smells amazing and cleans like crazy. With six different incense-like scents, you can clean your space and change the whole vibe. Take the drudgery out of cleaning. Click here to get you some Good Vibes.


Do you do all your cleaning on the weekends or do you break your cleaning tasks down into smaller jobs throughout the week?

Ymani Efunyale
Ymani Efunyale

I created Good Vibes because my family deserved better, and so does yours 💚

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