June 26, 2023 2 min read

Weekly Routines: Kitchen Day

Welcome to our helpful guide on cleaning your kitchen effectively and efficiently! We understand that tackling this task can sometimes feel overwhelming, but we're here to make it a breeze. By following these simple steps every week and using the wonderful Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner, you'll have a spotless kitchen in no time!

Let's get started:

1. Start with the dishes: Begin by tackling the dishes. If you have a dishwasher, load it up and let it do the work. If not, fill your sink with hot, soapy water and start washing. Take your time to scrub thoroughly and rinse the dishes well before setting them aside to dry.

2. Clear the countertops: Once the dishes are taken care of, clear any clutter from your countertops. Put away appliances, utensils, and ingredients that don't belong there. This step will help you identify areas that need cleaning.

3. Wipe down the counters: Grab a microfiber cloth or sponge and give your countertops a thorough wipe-down. Pay special attention to spills, stains, and crumbs that may have accumulated. For an extra shine, use Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner to leave your surfaces spotless.

4. Clean the appliances: Move on to cleaning each appliance in your kitchen. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and any other appliances. For spills or stains, grab your trusty Good Vibes Cleaner diluted in a spray bottle to make them disappear.

5. Scrub the sink: The sink can harbor a lot of dirt and germs, so it's crucial to give it a thorough scrub. Grab a scrub brush and make a paste using baking soda and Good Vibes APC. Scrub away, ensuring every nook and cranny is clean. Rinse the sink well and wipe it dry.

6. Sweep and mop the floor: Finally, give your kitchen floor some love. Start by sweeping away any dirt and debris. Then, prepare a bucket of piping hot water and dilute your favorite scent of Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner. Mop the floor, paying attention to sticky spots and high-traffic areas that may have accumulated dirt.

In conclusion, cleaning your kitchen doesn't have to be a daunting task. With these helpful tips and the power of Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner, you can maintain a healthy and hygienic environment wit minimal effort. Enjoy a sparkling clean kitchen that's ready for all your culinary adventures!

Ymani Efunyale
Ymani Efunyale

I created Good Vibes because my family deserved better, and so does yours 💚

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