May 21, 2023 2 min read

Enjoy a Blissful BBQ Season with a Sparkling Clean Grill: A Step-by-Step Guide

As the cozy embrace of warmer days and extended sunshine beckons us outdoors, it's time to dust off the grill and prepare for a season of scrumptious barbeques in the backyard (or on the rooftop). But before we delve into the mouthwatering world of outdoor cooking, ensuring a clean grill becomes our first priority. Fret not, for in today's post, we will guide you through an effective grill cleaning routine with the help of the Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner, your ultimate partner to keep grease and lingering food particles at bay.

Step 1: Embrace the Mess, but Choose Your Location Wisely

Embarking on a grill-cleaning mission can be a little messy, but there's no need to worry. We recommend embracing this process in the great outdoors. Find a spacious, well-ventilated spot where you can comfortably work with your grill. Remember to gather your cleaning arsenal—Good Vibes APC, a sturdy scrubbing tool, and a hose—for an efficient and hassle-free cleaning session.

Step 2: Gear Up in Grill Cleaning Attire

Grill cleaning may not be the most glamorous of tasks, but it's essential for our enjoyable BBQ sessions. Dress for the occasion in old clothes or a protective apron that you don't mind getting stained. Slip on a pair of gloves to keep your hands free from grease and grime—safety first right?

Step 3: Harness the Power of Good Vibes APC with Your Scrubbing Tool

Good Vibes APC is your ally in effectively cleaning various surfaces, including the humble grill. Begin your grill rejuvenation process by removing the grates. Armed with your Good Vibes APC and a pot scrubber or a Scrub Daddy, get down to business. Give the grates a thorough scrub on both sides, targeting all the stubborn grease spots and food remains.  If it easier, make a scrubbing paste by combining Good Vibes with baking soda.

Once you've given your grates a good scrub, it's time to rinse them with a hose. Be sure to wash away all soap residues for a squeaky-clean finish. If you have cast-iron grates, don't forget to oil them after cleaning to prevent rust. A light coating of vegetable oil or a quick spritz of cooking spray will do the trick.

In conclusion, sprucing up your grill with Good Vibes APC is a straightforward, yet efficient way to ensure your BBQ endeavors are safe and enjoyable. Keep in mind the key steps—clean outdoors, dress in appropriate attire, and harness the full strength of Good Vibes APC with a scrubbing tool. Follow this grill cleaning ritual, and your grill will be ready to host outdoor feasts all summer long. 



If your grill could talk, what stories would it tell about your BBQ sessions?👀

Ymani Efunyale
Ymani Efunyale

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