Black Oud All Purpose Cleaner

Black Oud - a symphony of aromatic wonder that will transport you to a tranquil winter's eve.

Black Oud is a fragrance like no other, crafted to evoke the enchanting essence of a smoky, balsamic, woody wonderland, reminiscent of the gradual decline of a pine resinous forest in the twilight. With its roots deeply grounded in the earthy embrace of vetiver, this scent takes you on a journey where nature's elements harmoniously dance together.

Key Notes:

  • Vetiver: From the very first pour, you'll experience the earthy allure of vetiver, an enduring note that lingers in your home, like the whisper of ancient woods.

  • Birch Tar: As time unfolds, the bold presence of birch tar gracefully emerges, weaving a captivating story alongside the vetiver. It's a game of contrasts, where the smokiness of birch tar plays in perfect harmony with the earthiness of vetiver.

The Experience: Black Oud is more than just a fragrance; it's a sensorial journey. As you embrace this scent, you'll find yourself amidst a serene winter forest, where the scent of pine resin and the crisp air blend seamlessly. Black Oud captures the magic of twilight and the mysteries of nature, bottled for your pleasure.

Why Black Oud: At Good Vibes Clean, we understand the power of scents and their ability to uplift and motivate. Black Oud is no exception. It not only fills your living space with a comforting ambiance but also takes care of the planet with its plant-based formula. It's the perfect addition to your winter cleaning routine, ensuring your home is as harmonious as the universe itself.

Experience the enchantment of Black Oud from our Winter Collection and let its smoky, woody, and camphoric notes inspire serenity in your home. Embrace the magic of the season with Good Vibes Clean.

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