Lotus Flower Bomb All Purpose Cleaner

Get ready to experience a symphony for the senses with Good Vibes Lotus Flower Bomb All Purpose Cleaner. Named after the soulful tune by the talented hip-hop artist Wale, this scent is a melodic fusion of tranquility and inspiration.

The delicate aroma of blooming lotus flowers takes center stage in this cleaner, serenading your senses as you wipe away grime. Lotus Flower Bomb will fill the air in your home with a calming ambiance, turning your cleaning routine into a soothing retreat.

This scent will make you feel grounded yet uplifted, infusing your home with an aura of tranquility and elegance. So step into a world of harmony and peaceful bliss with our Lotus Flower Bomb cleaner. You're not just cleaning, you're creating a vibe!

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