Sugar Plumb All Purpose Cleaner

Sugar Plumb: Bring more sweetness into your home with this joyful scent

Picture this: the sweetest plums, kissed by the sun, swaying with the lush green leaves and berry vines of an enchanted garden. The symphony of scents dances on a backdrop of a smooth musk.

At the heart of "Sugar Plumb" lies the essence of Mirabelle plum, its sweetness balanced by the zesty hint of bergamot. As you breathe in, you'll be transported to a world of berry vines, plum blossoms and verdant green leaves, creating an intricate tapestry of fruity, floral, and botanical notes.

The journey of "Sugar Plumb" culminates in the captivating blend of sweet plum and the comforting embrace of musk, leaving you with a scent that lingers in your home, creating an atmosphere of pure serenity.

Embrace the sweet side of nature with Sugar Plumb All Purpose Cleaner and let it fill your home with joy.

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