August 29, 2022 2 min read

This may seem like a random challenge, but when is the last time you cleaned out your car? 

Our cars take us from one place to another and accumulate a lot of stuff on the way.  Such tiny little spaces, so much clutter. 

I like to start these challenges out small, because it's the little victories tend to motivate us to keep going.

So, let's get our cars decluttered this week! If you're new here, start with this article.

Hand wiping down middle console of car

1. Go through your entire car with a trash bag and remove all the trash.  Seats, floors, under the seats, console, glove box, sun visors, door storage, seat pockets and yes, even the trunk. Throw it all away.

2. Next, take your floor mats out and vacuum your floors and mats.  If you don't have a vacuum that can reach, take your car to the nearest car wash as soon as possible and use their car vacuum.

3. Open your glove compartment(s) and take everything out.  Go through it and decide what you need to store elsewhere.  Clean the glove box if necessary and only put back the things you absolutely need in the car. Gloves, proof of insurance, car registration, a pen, tire pressure gadget, and other items you actually need to store there.

4. Do the same with the trunk.  Remove what needs to be stored elsewhere.  Keep only what you need in your trunk.  Quick repair kits, car first aid kit, a catch all basket (see tip at the end of this article)

5. Remove unnecessary items from your middle console and put them back where they belong,

Now for the fun part...


6. Next, pour some Good Vibes All Purpose Cleaner in a bucket with hot water and use it to wipe down your dashboard, interior car doors, console, cup holders, and all visible areas of your car that are not covered by carpet.  If its been a long time since wiping your car interior, you may need to dust your dashboard and remove debris from cup holders first.

If necessary, you can spot clean your cloth seats and carpets with Good Vibes as well.  Apply the concentrate full strength to your wet cloth and scrub the stains.  Rinse the cloth with the bucket water and dabbing the areas you scrubbed to lift the soap.

Your car is gonna to smell gooooood 😎

Don't forget to take before and after pictures and share them with us on Social Media tagged #GoodVibesCleaningChallenge ✔

**Tip: Keep a laundry basket in your trunk to carry your grocery and shopping bags from the car in one trip 😉

**Tip: Break these tasks up and complete throughout the week if you feel at all overwhelmed. Get it done a little at a time.

**Tip: If you really wanna be extra, go ahead and wash the exterior of your car with Good Vibes.  Apply it full strength, directly to a wet car washing sponge and wipe it down (record a Tik-Tok of yourself doing this to the Wipe It Down Challenge and I'll give you a coupon 😁)

Ymani Efunyale
Ymani Efunyale

I created Good Vibes because my family deserved better, and so does yours 💚

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